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BidorBuy.co.za is an Africa online bidding site that has just about everything that you could think of to bid on. You can bid on just about anything from cars to phones such as the iPhone 5. They also have classifieds that one can browse to get what they are looking for. Many home properties are listed in the classifieds section from areas such as the Free State, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and other areas. Instead of just using PayPal like Ebay does, BidorBuy uses the payment system bobPay in addition to using PayPal to process transactions. On some items on this site, if you just prefer to buy an item without bidding on it, you can utilize the "buy now" feature and just purchase it for the price listed for that item.

BidOrBuy is a great bidding and classifieds site. They have everything from wallets to cars and homes listed to be bidded on or just baught flat out. This site has a section where it lists the "Deal of the week" which is a page of several various items. If you are an avid book reader and are in several book clubs such as Oprah's or one you have that's comprised of you and several of your friends then BidOrBuy.co.za is a great source to buy used books for a beyond reasonable price. Also, on this site merchants sell their new electronics items that have never been used such as the Sony Xperia P LT22i, HTC One V T320e, Nokia Lumia 800, and gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Wii U and its games like Zombie U, Bond Legends, Rise of the Guardians, and FIFA 13.
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