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If you have never shopped at Amazon.com then you should. Amazon is a shopper's paradise. Amazon was founded in 1994 in Washington state and is the largest online retailer in the world. If you are a shopping addict then Amazon.com is the place for you. It has a large selection of hard to find and unique products. Some of its products include the Amazon Echo, the Kindle, Michael Kors handbags, movies, mp3s, sd cards, and other stuff that you would have to visit the site to see.

Individuals can do more things on Amazon besides shopping. If you have a website you can advertise Amazon.com's products on your site and make a commission on their products and if you have a store you can also gain exposure by selling your products on their site. Also, another reason to visit Amazon is for their great deals in their section called "Today's Deals" where you will save on cool products that Amazon chooses to place in this section.
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